Oy To The World
"Oy To The World" - 12/16/19
Oy to the world 
The laundry's piled
The dishes in the sink
My weekend time to catch up
Has somehow cruelly shrivelled up
And Monday's stressors loom
Like monstrous clouds of gloom
At odds with the Hudson 
Candle's sweet perfume
Oy to the world
I'm underslept
But Hanukkah's next week
The piles of papers laugh at me
Like some distorted effigy
My resolution failed
Somehow I was derailed
Disorganization dismally prevailed
Oy to the world
I learned to write
Replacement songs at camp
Camp counselors imparted this
To me like a fun parlor trick
Imperfect rhymes galore
Childhood's atomic core
Keeping me awake at least 
I'm never bored
Oy to the world
It's almost time 
To force myself to bed
How difficult it is to sleep
With to-do lists coppermine-deep
And yet yoga dictates
To give oneself a break
Don't forget to breathe and 
Forgive each mistake
You are what you speak
And perfection is fake
Joy to the world 
The heat is on
The fridge is full of food
The future's full of mystery
As far as closing eyes can see
And Sunday's satisfied
To gently leave behind
Furloughed expectation 
For the open mind
By this time tomorrow
Latkes will be fried