"Meditation" – 7/18/21
One of the things that has changed about me most
Since I was diagnosed with the thing that halts
Your lingering childlike imagining that you will live forever
Is the way that I look at time. Time, time, time oh
What an elixir it is when it lays out before you, undivided
By preexisting commitments allowing your subconscious
To restore your conscious mind to some semblance of sanity
I look back on my teens when I got 4 hours sleep on average
And when it was so highly encouraged to accomplish accomplish
I look back on my 20's so full of youthful hubris the feeling
Of been unstoppable because, in effect, I somewhat was
No one could stop me from going after the thing I wanted
Which of course was to manifest the lifelong sentiment
I'd had since a small child that we're here to uplift one another
To hold each other's proverbial hearts through inspiration's
Highest, reverential esteem, via expressive honesty
Was rarely the best policy offstage where self-protection
Better served onstage truth was crystalized, carved, earned
The clock on my wall ticks like cricket chirps mortality's
Automatic but oh love's born each day anew with birdsongs
By merely holding your hand I can hear the echoes of
Heritage's heartbeat your mind has the power to slow down
The rate of most things through meditation's lense
Tonight I'm just grateful for the suspension of a moment
Tomorrow will be busy with the business of preparing
For more mountains to climb and roots to untangle but right now
We're as present as we'll ever be, breath equaling serenity