"Surrealist" – 11/27/20
You are never going to have enough time
To lament how much time you don't have

Whether you're a Dali clock melting in the heat
Of factious future's anticipation-gaze
Or a chunk of Dead Sea salt grifted by
Visitor # almost-infinity's desperation raze

The architecture of self dictates ingratitude
Like a sleepless under-compensated assistant
At odds, often, with our collective better nature
Laughter is the ultimate leveler. If we cannot embrace
Absurdity's inauspicious irreverence with the same zeal
Stress assumes at the fork of our expense's road
Turning adeptly into the slippery, black-iced curve
Life lessons become prisons instead of revelations
Choices become riddles only fate's cruel dictums can resolve
Instead of model-volcanoes quelled by levity's felicitous dissolve