"Landmarks" – 7/19/21
Is anyone else experiencing post-lockdown life
Like a wormhole? I find myself grasping sometimes
For the next in a sequence of events meant to happen last March
For strength to remain in my skin when I desperately want to run
And let running run it's audacious gasping course
As if our bodies, once bending to ongoing intractable wills
Weren't suddenly decades older than our oldest wait-untils
Oh for an iota of that joie de vivre where fear wasn't lurking still
Around every corner dust to the hoarder loot to the marauder
Some things are bound to have remained but right now
It's too much my ability to remember vs. reenter eludes
My brain just wants to start over, reset, be as certain
As regret's regressive I walk past shuttered landmarks I wish I'd
Appreciated debilitated intoxicated where is the middle ground
That used to be between the park and the street the skyline and
The gutter yes I confess I know I can trust better than this