"Unfathomable" - 6/24/22
Today is a dark day for women in this country -
And all people - who believe in a woman's right
To her own bodily autonomy. It is also the first time
That a protected federal right is being taken away.
While it is by no means unexpected, it's all very
Handmaid's Tale, a devastating blow, and hard
Not to be woefully discouraged by this stunning turn
Of events. We must continue to stand up and have our
Voices heard, to protest, to vote - this issue will
Galvanize people across political divides. Young
Women will now be coming into fewer rights than their
Grandmothers, while women will once again suffer the
Consequences of illegal, unsafe and even deadly Procedures. It also is impossible not to be concerned
That this (13 state outright ban) may be "just the
Beginning"; contraception / gay marriage may be next.
Amidst this disturbing upheaval of 50 years of
Progress, I have never been prouder to be a New Yorker, and to know that - at least for now - my state is
A safe haven where women's bodily self-determination
Remains intact.