"Balloon" - 5/6/20

Some days it feels
Like I am hanging on
By a very thin string

Embroidery has always
Been a strength and in
Spite of being blind

My eye could always thread
The needle by feel by instinct
I promised myself not long ago

That when it came to superconductivity
It should never come at the expense
Of mental or physical sustenance

I have this tendency to reflect stress
Like a boomerang bread-crumbing my way
Back to the place or person that's hurt(ing)

Til empathy's entropy encircles me
An etymology of solicitude
Kite-flying on currents of vicissitudes

Will you let us elevate you
Winds whispered to me voices
Velvet with sincerity

And I held in nothing and let out
Everything's exhalation superseding
The need to take hold of helium's reins