Another MRI

"Another MRI" - 8/6/20

This is the week I go for the test
That confirms whether I am still
In remission

On Saturday (my Sabbath day)
I will return to the tunnel with
Loud clanking

This time I will walk 4 miles there and back
This time I am not coming
From home

I am grateful to the local A-list hospital
Its frontline workers, doctors, nurses
Coordinators galore

I wish a friend could go with me
But truthfully this test I've always done
By myself

Anyway I am laying out necessities
A fanny-pack (a word to make myself laugh)
Google directions

I've practiced the walk to this unfamiliar
Place once prior, accompanied safely distanced
But anxious

So many people all around, a busy part of town
I have my mask, visor, gloves, so nothing surprises
I've practiced

I try not to think about the tiny space
Not because I'm claustrophobic (I'm not) but
Because Covid...

Then another day – it can't be done concurrently –
I'll go back for The Labs. The words make me recall
Science class

I am pretty good at a lot of things, according to
My trustworthy friends, family and the odd
Kindred spirit

Unfortunately I'm not good at anything seemingly
That appears to make one resilient during a pandemic

Don't drive, don't much like to exercise
Terrible memory for vitamins yeah I'm
Really inconsistent

My attention span is moth-worthy at best
An insect I've come to know well in lockdown
Resembling butterflies

Therein lies the humor were I a boat I would
Likely capsize with abundance of choices
Overflowing hull

Full of emotions expressions poetic and dull
Dimensional artworks of color of grey
Shifting daily

But this week I'm just a body walking slowly, humbly
Toward a large brick building on the other side
Of impatience