"Spain" - 6/9/22
My father worked in Spain for decades
This is the place he came back from
Like Jewish Santa Claus always prayed for
Always anticipated we'd sit on the steps
And hear his car gravel arrival he'd bring gifts
A doll, a sweater, a special candy made of almonds
I wrote my first pop song about him leaving for Spain
It was called "Please Don't Go" and was from
My mother's imagined perspective but work
Demanded the international commute and we
Got used to it and learned over time that sometimes
The biggest hugs, the widest smiles, the best rewards
Come to those who wait patiently and that parents
Are just people muddling their way through time
Zones imagined and literal trying not to drift off
During the ballet recital fresh from the flight home
From Alicante where my Dad ate Octopus and G-d
Knows what else traif galore faith has finally
Brought me to the place where you built your dream
And now, full-grown, I remember the time I was here
As a toddler the Fanta the sunshine the sea shells