White Flag
White Flag" – 11/11/20

Today, I went to a funeral
Today, I went for a walk
Today, I told you I loved you
Today, I failed nonetheless

Today, I felt hopeful briefly
Today, my guard fell way down
Today, I let go forbearance
Today, I fell to the ground

Today, I felt tears' hot imprint
Today, my cheeks burned with loss
Today, I tried to be honest
Today taught me what truth costs

Today, I wished things were different
Today, I knew there was hope
Today, I wrestled the distance
Today was taut as a rope
Today, you asked me for questions
Today, pushed me to the ledge
Today, was less than forgiving
Today, was earth to a dredge

Tonight, I wait for tomorrow
Tonight, my mirror is veiled
Tonight, I rise above sorrow
To wit, endurance derailed