"Baptized" - 8/18/20

When the rain is falling this hard
It really feels like it's 'alive'
Hitting the skylights with the fervor
Of knives wielded by vigorous chef-chopping
Or as it recedes into softer percussion
The gentle tapping of bored students' nails
On the desks we used to pass notes between
Or hide doodles in on beat-up notebooks, obscured

When it rains this hard
It seems to be saying 'survive!'
Quitting is not quite stylish enough for your
Stage-dives into thunderous applause hopping
Between greed's mob-like hysteria rushing
Sequentially scraping chalkboards jails
For unjust tasks infused with yearning for what's clean
We'll slurp noodles and stick up 3M hooks, secured
By the prospect of hope, and by faith's promise, blurred