'cause courage

"'cause courage" - 6/8/20

When I trace around my own hands
It is my way of saying with pen and paint
What I wish I could say with my soul's embrace
Holding you close outstretched fingertips
Touching what's painful at a close distance
Attempting some semblance of heart-assurance
That you are not alone that change may not have
Been inevitable but it's happening 'cause courage
Is on the side of righteousness while faith's tired
Of waiting for the inevitability of snail slow justice
My ears are hands now too tentacles to your truth
Willing to summon the necessary strength to lift
You up while dream arsenals rebuild in aftermaths
Of rainbows stolen I'll rise for what is right when
Numbness, anger or eyes swollen from mourning
Threaten to cloud hope's pheonix-rise from pale
Passivity's grave to present's boldest love may it
Liberate streets relentlessly spilled with too much
Blood kneeling immovably before life's sanctity