Close Caller
“Close Caller” – 11/18/20
Just had a good friend call me out on some shit
Had the choice to get defensive or listen and understand
I chose to hear each word through her ears, letting truth land
I felt sad, sorry and grateful at the same time
Sad for the pain I had caused, sorry for the disconnect
Grateful for the opportunity to reflect, and to put disappointment behind
Especially in these times I know the urge well
To sever, to disengage, to avoid, to quell
I am proud of us for muddling through boundaries
Merely 2 years ago I never knew were a 'thing'
I also know myself enough to know when I have failed
Thank you, mishpuchah, for not giving up on me
And for sounding the knell of respect's breaking heart
Soon enough to right our ship, weakened but not
Irrevocably from too many seasons' isolation grip