5/9/2015 Cyber Cafe West Binghamton, NY   
176 Main Street, Binghamton NY map
5/10/2015 Putnam's Unplugged Brooklyn, NY    
419 Myrtle Avenue, Brooklyn NY map
5/13/2015 NON-COMMvention (MPress Attending) Philadelphia, PA   
5/14/2015 NON-COMMvention (MPress Attending) Philadelphia, PA   
5/17/2015 TEDx Stanford Palo Alto, CA    
Zambrano Hall - 641 Knight Way, Palo Alto CA map
5/19/2015 The Market Los Angeles, CA 
1203 Ave. 50, Los Angeles CA map
5/28/2015 How The Light Gets In Festival Hay, GB    
Globe At Hay, Newport Street, Hay map
5/29/2015 How The Light Gets In Festival Hay, GB    
Globe At Hay, Newport Street, Hay map
6/13/2015 Brooklyn Pride Fest  Brooklyn, NY   
5th Ave, Brooklyn NY map
6/20/2015 Club Passim Cambridge, MA 
47 Palmer Street, Cambridge MA map
7/17/2015 Dolores Park Cafe San Francisco, CA   
501 Dolores St, San Francisco CA map
9/13/2015 UNAVAILABLE (Rosh Hashanah)    
9/14/2015 UNAVAILABLE (Rosh Hashanah)    
9/23/2015 UNAVAILABLE (Yom Kippur)    
9/24/2015 UNAVAILABLE (Yom Kippur)    
10/13/2015 CMJ (MPress Attending) New York, NY   
10/20/2015 St George's Hall Bristol, GB   
203 Church Road, Bristol map
10/21/2015 The Alban Arena St. Albans, UK   
Civic Centre, St. Peters Street, St. Albans map
10/22/2015 Tivoli Theatre Wimborne, UK   
19 West Borough, Wimborne map
10/24/2015 Malvern Forum Theatre Malvern, UK   
Grange Road, Worcestershire, Malvern map
10/25/2015 Northcote Theatre Exeter, GB