Rain Prayer

"Rain Prayer" – 8/17/22

Sitting in a London coffee shop
It occurs to me that rain is much more
Than a metaphor for cleansing
It is an indicator of fear, manifested or deflected
Upset people, young and old, cling
Desperately to their umbrellas as if some water
May, like quickest sand, send them stumbling

Into terrain so unknown and so fearsome
That failure is not an option. I look at their darting
Eyes nothing enviable in their worried faces
With utmost sympathy knowing full well I've often at
Times been as consumed with staying dry at all costs
But right now I am excited to almost-run home
Puddles splashing in my midst maskless, grotesque

May the wind blow away my flowers may the Goddess
In Her powers prove merciful providing me however
Perilously the authority to find my way, drenched,
Delirious and driven by some unknown force
To become one with the downpour looking the sky
Square in the clouds throwing up my weary arms
Invigorated, obliterated, reborn, recharged