“Parallels” - 7/27/20

“I am an introvert, so
The truth is it feels normal to me
To not have anyone to talk to, call, see...”

My sister said these words to me
Some 5 months ago now
They struck me as logical

Though not by any means profound
As always I marveled internally
At how different we are yet how much

Understanding we share
Her blond to my black hair
Her natural erudition

To my slowly absorbed
Sponge-bath of elective
Poetic contrition

Sitting here all these months later
I realize we are much more parallel
Than I gave our genetics credit

For I am as they say an “introverted
Extrovert” the proof is public display
Feels freeing to me but

To not have anyone to talk to, call, see
Is also relative normalcy
I’ve always failed miserably

At being lonely with rare exception
And less and less as the years have passed
And as mortality’s ever-present imprint

Continues to break consistency’s fast
Each day reminding me that unconditional
Friendship and love while reverentially vital

Is not dependent on regularity
Or compulsive acts of un-free will
How fortunate I am to have best friends

Who genuinely, gratefully understand
The focus it requires for me usually
In complete, isolated, prolonged silence

To receive the whispers of the Universe
That others may hear even amidst life’s
Loudest scream-sung-siren-blessing-curse

And you, sweet Muse, you know me now
You understand the why the how
The creaking in my spirit-bones

The way they climb ascending quietly
Striving slowly skyward privately
Mocking effort’s effusiveness

And regularity’s scheduled sheen
Clasping me safely, inadvisably
Above insomnia’s ravine

Ravens fly above my head each eve
Chattering prophesies I dare not believe
Future’s deathly mind-bend moat recedes

But all of that is ok as I know you’d concede
We know who I am, what I do and don’t believe-need
As I know who you are, your hopeful beauty-creed

Meantime: I’ll keep picking up my porcelain
Sipping slowly and thinking of you, soulfully
While intermittently doing whatever it is I do and undo