Birthday Prayer

"Birthday Prayer"
One must celebrate life in all its mysterious, miraculous, gossamer glory!
Nonetheless, flames of misplaced anger burn lives
Into oblivion; cruelty's questions remain unanswered
Violence is an obelisk piercing heaven's gaze
Remembrances instantaneous shock's depths ablaze

On this, my grateful birthday, I know with every cell
In my gasping, grasping entropy I am exactly like you
Five lives lost to shots fired by G-d knows who
I think of your mothers and fathers insta-mourning
Loved ones inevitably unhinged as balance rivals
Imbalance in all unwieldy, human/inhumane things

Oh let my soul be a vessel for change somehow
Wishing on thin candles I know my time is limited
Not by choices I may strive to make but by luck's
Fate forsaken longing more beautiful amens overcome
By hate trampled by misfortune may you rest easier
Among angels may peace embrace your spirits, unfurled