"gett" - 10/21/23
I get the sense you don't know what to say
And I get that...but it still would've helped for you to have said something
For days now you've pretended you don't know
What I am entirely certain you must, and with a kind of robust hubris
Deflected every possible opening to at least embrace 
The reality that nothing is normal and everything is totally f-cked 
When the rain falls so hard that it floods every street 
Swallowing up everything in its wake cars floating away people drowning
We don't say "bless the rain" but rather, we curse its very
Existence forgetting our Source even as we run for cover pans and pots
Capturing the leaks under our time-neglected roofs
That it is the thing that sustains us and keeps us from turning to dust
It is so much easier and simpler to forget in times
Of lamentation and loss how to be exactly who you were before you crossed
Into the realm of denial what is it about a crisis that 
Makes every latent joker smile every nascent dancer paralyzed
Poor, poor misguided observer looking only with 
Surface in mind forgetting that what's within the earth's core is molten
Regretting all-too-infrequently the violence of silence 
When all is said and done and echo chambers' cacophonies a din
Adding the word "gesundheit" after a sneeze is 
Automatic but it takes true tzedek to ask "how are you?" 
And pause long enough to 
Actually await the answer