I’m so excited to share the @PoeticaProject “Sleep When I’m Tired” music video with y’all next week! 🎶💕 stay tuned! https://t.co/dFLZW8gnSs
The moment where Noah tells Olivia he's bi & she responds w/ pure acceptance & says shes proud of him probably just… https://t.co/o99wUoMp6e
@EricStangel Missing you guys!! That's how I'm doing :) Otherwise...grateful patience is actually one of my virtues. Hugs to you! ❤
Have you checked out the instrumental-only version of @PoeticaProject?! It's perfect for music while you work, whil… https://t.co/pBLM3cbmZY
#JudyCarmichael's #JazzInspired is also broadcast on NPR stations and Sirius XM nationwide throughout the week! Her… https://t.co/m8dqhB9LEN