I'm thrilled to announce that the brilliant @ImeldaOfficial has invited me to join her for select dates in #Spain!!… https://t.co/XeJsELlrJn
I love sharing @Spotify's official "Queer As Folk" playlist every year for #Pride! I'm so honored to have my song "… https://t.co/elv4i474fP
Just posted a photo @ Newburgh Illuminated https://t.co/3ARwo456lC
It's #NationalCancerSurvivorsDay & as a cancer survivor/thriver myself, I'm enormously grateful to my incredible te… https://t.co/3BH8mIDmfl
@ImeldaOfficial Can't wait to join you again in *Spain*!! ❤💃. Thank you for having me on as support again - I've mi… https://t.co/fKYEWjxVqo
RT @ImeldaOfficial: Hola Spain! Only 1 week until my tour with you ! I cannot wait to be back with you. Which songs do you want to hear…
Did you know you can purchase prints of my art as well as my art on pillows, backpacks, t-shirts, and more on my… https://t.co/AoHW6NR5oc
@aaronrester Sure! Rockwood is always great, and they have 3 different rooms so...a size for all needs! :)
#SaveTheDate! Two upcoming shows! This Saturday (June 4) I'll be performing at the #NewburghIlluminatedFestival & o… https://t.co/4qI7FWEx3k
It's the first day of #PrideMonth! Here is my special #Pride playlist featuring all my LGBTQ-themed songs! Sending… https://t.co/0YmcYXlguy
@midweekmusic @YouTube @ImeldaOfficial Thank you Sean!! Hope you're well & appreciate the support as always ❤🎶
Have you heard the @PoeticaProject #remix of "Swing Dance" remixed by @delibeat & mastered by Alan Silverman! 🎶 Str… https://t.co/0jNJJ1cqz8
@EricStangel Oh my goodness this is a masterful work of culinary art!! ❤👏 & Happy Anniversary!!! Xoxo
RT @ImeldaOfficial: Menu Please!!! To hold in the hand and peruse at leisure. Tempting tongues with tasty treasures Hide behind peek ar…
@ImeldaOfficial Totally agree! Drives me mishugge (crazy) as @mpressmeredith will attest! 🤦❤
I'm so excited to be playing at the #NewburghIlluminatedFestival on June 4 in #Newburgh, NY! I'll be on the Liberty… https://t.co/ToNBDF9dZP
Just posted a photo https://t.co/8gXPm2b4Wn
Have you listened to my "Deep Cuts" #playlist on @Spotify?! I've released over 300 songs since 1996 and this playli… https://t.co/uVZs5nj37y
#ThrowbackThursday to 4 years ago when I released the music video for my song "Alive" featuring amazing dancer… https://t.co/0GE321BAOh
In honor of #JewishHeritageMonth I wanted to share my first ever Yiddish recording "Umru Mayne". Here I am with my… https://t.co/h5sCkbq6FQ
Just posted a photo @ Manhattan, New York https://t.co/m95SdzfE6q
RT @Pour_rick: Exams are over (at least until the inevitable repeats 🤦) and I'm finally taking a beat to listen to the @rachaelsage albums…
The benefit featured Grammy winners @LisaLoeb, @paulacolemusic, @gabymorenomusic & many more artists and performers… https://t.co/FoPPmoQdy0
May is #WomensHealthMonth & I wanted to remind y'all how important it is to get your yearly exams! In 2020 I create… https://t.co/Pg5CKRn75z
RT @AlisonMoyet: I have the benefit of age. It’s time I share what I’ve learnt. It’s time you listen, and well. If you can’t thinly slice…
#NewMusicFriday! A new @PoeticaProject #remix is out on all platforms today! The talented @delibeat remixed "Swing… https://t.co/zyMyptYxTT
Boosted! Thank you to lovely RN Ernestine & @memorialsloankettering for making it easy & pleasant. #phew!… https://t.co/yN8ezICYMv
This week marks 2 #AlbumAnniversaries! "Illusion's Carnival" & "Haunted By You"! Both albums, as well as the rest o… https://t.co/CyGQJi5gto
RT @mpressmeredith: Yessssssss well deserved, @crysmatthews!!!
@avie_89 That's a @smoemeth question ;)
@1000GigGuy @NiallMcNamee @ImeldaOfficial @Vicar_Street Working on trying for a gig in Dublin in August...stay tune… https://t.co/2Q5VMUHgEp
..improving institutional policies and systems that impact the reproductive rights of marginalized communities. Th… https://t.co/y4rIQrTVDQ
@1000GigGuy @NiallMcNamee @ImeldaOfficial @Vicar_Street Thank you! ❤🙏
Thank you to everyone who came up to support us on the @ImeldaOfficial #MadeToLove tour! We had a blast all through… https://t.co/gjR6YnCjIp
Couldn't agree more that @ImeldaOfficial is the 👑🎶! Thanks for the kind shout-outs for myself & the wildly talented… https://t.co/m6rgrygJOf
15 mins til showtime!! @kevin_killen & I are ready to 🎸!! Thank you @imeldaofficial for the most wonderful tour eve… https://t.co/kCFdbAvn3s
@KevsWork @ImeldaOfficial @Vicar_Street @Kevin_Killen Brilliantly!! Sad to be leaving but so grateful to have been part of this tour!! ❤
#Throwback to performing at Dublin Pride in 2010!!!! So happy to be back in #Dublin & performing at @Vicar_Street a… https://t.co/w9g8mXPcSn
RT @louisajanemoss: It was so lovely to meet @rachaelsage last night at @ImeldaOfficial gig in #vicarstreet and to have her as a guest on #…
@vicar_st you're every bit as vibey as I remember! Amazing to finally play on the stage where I first heard so many… https://t.co/0obtZuEIfA
For the next three nights, I'll be supporting @ImeldaOfficial at @Vicar_Street in #Dublin! I'm so sad that these ar… https://t.co/11ZX9BaEDU
RT @ImeldaOfficial: Dublin!!!!! @Vicar_Street Last 3 gigs in Ireland!!!! Doors open 7pm @NiallMcNamee 8pm @rachaelsage 8.20-8.50pm Myself…
I released a new #musicvideo for my rendition of #NeilYoung's "Ohio". At its essence, the song to me represents com… https://t.co/v9dQRGbmy0
Just posted a photo @ Ireland (country) https://t.co/bWGQgX7SBA
It's the 26th anniversary of my first ever album release "Morbid Romantic"! 26 years!!!! In honor of this… https://t.co/zN8lmCHA8X
Just posted a photo https://t.co/1tyZ8O1SQu
Happy #MusicMonday! After a nice day off yesterday, I'm energized and ready for tonight's show in #Cork! I have bee… https://t.co/DO0wkiyU5D
Just posted a photo https://t.co/jWCNdniAWk
Just posted a photo https://t.co/yT8CFGVjim
Just posted a photo @ Killaloe https://t.co/giRgreEuKD
Hello #Limerick! Can't wait to serenade y'all tonight opening for @ImeldaOfficial at @UCHLimerick!!! & tomorrow nig… https://t.co/3u1afGxt92
Love your new single @howardjones !! Congrats ✨🎶🌟 https://t.co/JUUyQQTON6
Just posted a photo @ Galway, Ireland https://t.co/kv3ed6tvJM
Today is the #AlbumAnniversary for "Myopia"! I loved making this album! It includes my rendition of #HowardJones' "… https://t.co/8mKEQthTyZ
The song to me represents compassion and not turning a blind eye to suffering - something that can happen all too e… https://t.co/6313GwObuu
I've had this video in the 'vault' for a while, but with the anniversary of the Kent State shooting everything goin… https://t.co/9n0kxbgHZ4
The new music video for my cover of @Neilyoung's "Ohio" is premiering today in @AmericanaHiways 🎶 https://t.co/puFvjuXwbh (1/3)
RT @AmericanaHiways: Song Premiere: Rachael Sage "Ohio" @rachaelsage @mpressrecords #ohio @neilyoung @neilyoungNYA #americanamusic #newmusi…
@AodhanFagan Thank you so much! You were such an amazing audience!! I hope to come back soon :) ✨❤
Had a great first show back at @BelWaterfront! Thank you to the wonderful audience!! I’m looking forward to tonight… https://t.co/szJQGVtHDt
@germurphy84 I'm so glad you enjoyed the performance!! Belfast was a fabulous audience! 🎶💜
@AodhanFagan Thank you so much for the kind words! I'm so happy you enjoyed the show & I had a wonderful time seren… https://t.co/PnIT52MEC7
Just posted a photo @ Belfast https://t.co/qKj39jlo8r
Just posted a photo https://t.co/29udXdvpfS
Just posted a photo https://t.co/xQz18RKblv
Just posted a photo https://t.co/YdOSgBE0Mt
Hello all! I'll be sending out a new Spring Newsletter today! Make sure you are signed up for my e-mail list to get… https://t.co/CQ7FZxmMoI
Packing for tour w/ @ImeldaOfficial to my favorite city #Dublin & listening to the gorgeous new self-titled EP from… https://t.co/X0dBi6J1Qz
And we are off to #Ireland! Looking forward to serenading you all & continuing to support the fabulously talented &… https://t.co/ZPzzBDcZWN
Today is #YomHaShoah, Holocaust Remembrance Day, a day where we remember the 6 million Jews who perished in the Hol… https://t.co/x39I3KDboD
Have you seen the newest music video for my side project @PoeticaProject?! The video for "engagement" was filmed in… https://t.co/qZlbiu2uo3
RT @ImeldaOfficial: I've rested and repacked since my UK tour ended and I’m ready to hit the road in Ireland this weekend. Can’t wait for…
I'm loving having a few days off from tour to see family but I'm so excited to head off to #Ireland to support… https://t.co/n4R7Vgj8cW
My album "The Blistering Sun" was released 16 years ago today! ❤️ Whoa...time flies!!! ✨🎶 Do you have a favorite so… https://t.co/5O7EwxnVoQ
This is my favorite room in my parents' house, designed by my mom :) I didn't even have to pee 😍 #selfiesunday… https://t.co/kHuoCTvW5e
Happy #EarthDay! Let's celebrate our beautiful planet & take care of it!💚 "Now is the time for the unstoppable cour… https://t.co/zrcLhlpqov
Just posted a photo https://t.co/O86300rWTM
Just posted a photo @ England, UK https://t.co/Hq61V3HcMs
Tonight is the last show of the UK leg of this tour (then off to Ireland!) @KellsStringz and I are so excited to… https://t.co/zO4rCzDZsD
Here is our show at @ARedinburgh! It was an awesome show with a fabulous audience! @KellsStringz & I have been havi… https://t.co/XsazcG3YQ5
RT @Orchard_live: Tomorrow night, Irish singer-songwriter Imelda May comes to Swansea's Brangwyn Hall with special guest Rachael Sage🎤 🎟 h…
Just posted a photo https://t.co/cEVcP8gshS
Just posted a photo @ Edinburgh, United Kingdom https://t.co/84l5SOE5nD
@giveusatune Hi! We're in London July 6th too at The Troubadour :) (will be announced shortly on… https://t.co/0oAxq1xHlK
Just posted a photo @ Glasgow, United Kingdom https://t.co/erY8DIf1TI
Can’t wait to play for you tonight #Glasgow! Such a gorgeous city & looking forward to playing new tunes w/ the fab… https://t.co/hG7nsDRwSR
Morning #Edinburgh & Happy Easter & continued Happy Passover to all who observe! He Is Risen But The Bread Is Not!… https://t.co/oMHdDLw2Ar
Just posted a photo https://t.co/5NIsZHyw5G
RT @JudieannRose: NEW on The Table Read. I interviewed singer-songwriter @rachaelsage about her career, what inspires her music, & the cre…
@Stridequeen @jcjazzinspired @curtisstigers So great! Been a fan of his a very long time. ❤!🎶
RT @mpressrecords: It's #WorldArtDay! If you didn't know MPress artist & founder @rachaelsage is not only a musician but a visual artist as…
The TV/welcome muzak in my @IHGhotels room tonight in Scotland sounds a *lot* like "Confession" :) Maybe they were… https://t.co/mdRq5E25zD
I'm wishing all those observing a happy & peaceful #Passover! (It also happens to be #WorldArtDay so I'm excited… https://t.co/VYz9hEZg5Z
Just posted a photo https://t.co/8Ne4FrPPjM
Hello #London! @KellsStringz & I can't wait to serenade y'all tonight at @LondonPalladium. Who is coming to the sho… https://t.co/MO3N0r2EgJ
RT @Goodmusicradio5: #OnAirNow Rachael Sage @rachaelsage @HartMedia - Revelation Ground (Band Version), https://t.co/oYsti8eBZu IndieMUSI…
RT @realmusik: RealMusik Gig of the Day @ImeldaOfficial/@rachaelsage at @londontheatre. Hear them at the Official RealMusik Playlist at htt…
Appreciation post! Every night on our tour with @imeldaofficial this fine chap has been doing our monitors impeccab… https://t.co/iUJ6l7Fvyj
Thank you Bath for being the wonderful show last night. What a beautiful place to spend our day off as well! ❤️🎶 To… https://t.co/jkENoAAc0r
Can't wait to perform tonight in beautiful Bath at @TheForumBath! @KellsStringz & I are having the best time on the… https://t.co/w7ZdIF5dK8
RT @UandIRadioHQ: Now Playing --->> Wasn't It You By @rachaelsage https://t.co/Vj3KLJZKe6 #discoveryislistening #uniteandinspire https://t.…
Just posted a photo @ The City of Bath, England https://t.co/M2UJFygwBf
RT @Goodmusicradio5: #OnAirNow Rachael Sage @rachaelsage @HartMedia - Revelation Ground (Band Version), https://t.co/oYsti8eBZu IndieMUSI…
RT @cbaxteradio: All this week from 2200 @rachaelsage joins me as featured artist @bbcrb @BBCGlos @bbcsomerset @BBCWiltshire she's on tour…
Just posted a photo https://t.co/V3dKGLJ65V
Just posted a photo https://t.co/2lOry6i4vl
Hello #Southhampton! Can't wait to serenade you tonight supporting the incredible @imeldaofficial !! ❤💙💜💛 #UK… https://t.co/9XvX2WtlEQ
Just posted a photo @ City Of Cambridge, England https://t.co/POGYzKF63v
We have been playing at so many extraordinarily beautiful venues! 🎶🎹🎻 Looking forward to our shows this weekend at… https://t.co/M9sMq7Tc2G
RT @JoeBiden: Congratulations, Ketanji Brown Jackson. https://t.co/CGe6fdl7gk
@smoemeth Wow! :( Seems like I should at least have 1 guitar on my person traveling over...!
My side project @PoeticaProject recently released a brand new music video "engagement"! Here are a few behind-the-s… https://t.co/jtFtM8zGpB
Thank you #York!! Wow what a beautiful audience you were tonight - and this magical tour w/ multi-talented musical… https://t.co/s6uPkLAvv9
Having a blast on tour with @KellsStringz opening up for @ImeldaOfficial! I'll be accompanied by Kelly until May 7… https://t.co/BOA7El723Z
Just posted a photo @ United Kingdom https://t.co/0DdguwuE0z
RT @livewire_music: A stunning performance tonight from @ImeldaOfficial at @RoyalNottingham, with excellent support from @NiallMcNamee and…
After innumerable trips to my "home away from home", the 🇬🇧, I am still confounded by their hotels' heating/AC. Whe… https://t.co/B88GLg9GuY
Honored that @johnplattfuv added "Revelation Ground - Chamber Mix" to his "Choice Cuts" @wfuv playlist on @Spotify!… https://t.co/zc8bU2GR4c
Who is joining us tonight at the @ImeldaOfficial show in #Nottingham?! Looking forward to playing at the lovely… https://t.co/TMG1y37vVL
@mikeevansdevon @BMusic_Ltd ❤️ so glad you enjoyed the show!
RT @mikeevansdevon: Great to hear the wonderful & unique vocals of @rachaelsage @BMusic_Ltd Birmingham Symphony Hall tonight https://t.co/R
Just posted a photo https://t.co/UbWjoOUa91
Just posted a photo https://t.co/Npmxgutxkw
Can't wait to open for this amazing woman in mere house in Rhyl! Safe travels @ImeldaOfficial ! ❤🚌 🎶 https://t.co/TfkV9fRdX4
@AlisonMoyet @ADHDFoundation Awesome!! Mazel Tov & no doubt it's brilliant 💪. Admire you so much & as someone who h… https://t.co/rXfWzfgNF5
@OlorinShea You are so talented!! ❤
RT @DjdansunDj: ⭐️Dan☀️ presents Overflow show #74⭐️ With special guest @rachaelsage & introducing music from @foofighters @FeederHQ @Soni…
The first show of the @ImeldaOfficial tour is TONIGHT! I can't wait to take the stage with @KellsStringz at… https://t.co/2gd76F68XE
Happy Friday all! It's #BandcampFriday! You can purchase/stream my full catalog at https://t.co/cczwjxjAMv 🎶💕 https://t.co/EiFjPtU8Yc
RT @Goodmusicradio5: #OnAirNow Rachael Sage @rachaelsage @HartMedia - Revelation Ground (Band Version), https://t.co/oYsti8eBZu IndieMUSIC…
RT @mpressrecords: Don't miss our annual MPress Spring Sale! The sale ends tomorrow! All back catalog CDs are Buy 1 Get 1 Free & vinyl is 3…
It's #TransDayOfVisibility! Sending love to all my transgender friends & loved ones! I see you, I support you, & I… https://t.co/3IV2dtr5KW
I feel so fortunate to be embarking on this great musical adventure, especially after so much time in isolation & c… https://t.co/puKar9s71f
One of the reasons I was so excited to tour with @imeldaofficial is because she unequivocally stands up for others… https://t.co/CThn0YpbGJ
I'm so proud of the new @PoeticaProject music video "engagement"! It was so exciting to work with Sarah O'Gleby on… https://t.co/FuXybNqHqQ
@ImeldaOfficial So excited - thank you for already being so lovely & welcoming! ❤🎶 🙏
#ICYMI I'll be heading out on tour in the UK & Ireland in support of @ImeldaOfficial. The first show is this Saturd… https://t.co/v2DWm3Quo0
RT @melmontagnon: Producer to Presenter Jacqui Rushton on @BBCSurrey & @BBCSussex evening show 6pm till 9pm tonight with #singer #songwrite…
RT @Goodmusicradio5: #OnAirNow Rachael Sage @rachaelsage @HartMedia - Revelation Ground (Band Version), https://t.co/oYsti8eBZu IndieMUSIC…
In honor of #WorldPianoDay I'm sharing the video for "Helpless" I did with the wonderful @TheJudyCollins! We filmed… https://t.co/0yitBedTdb
RT @DjdansunDj: ☀️ Danny Exclusive UK radio Interview with Rachael Sage☀️@rachaelsage @HartMedia We chat about latest single “Revolution…
My label @mpressrecords is having its annual Spring Cleaning sale! All my back catalog CDs are Buy One Get One FREE… https://t.co/f7VBRuqlE9
RT @mpressrecords: If you missed @rachaelsage's @JoesPub show earlier this month you can still watch it on YouTube! All proceeds from this…
Wishing my dear friend, musical collaborator, & bandmate @AndyMacMusic a very very #HappyBirthday today!! 💙💙💗🎶🎉🎁 https://t.co/GU9B5NVoOW
Just posted a photo https://t.co/qjxIKcXMDk
Excited to serenade y'all at @Godfrey_daniels in PA tomorrow night! I'll be accompanied by my friend Kevin J. Kille… https://t.co/qxIzxYEITd
RT @PoeticaProject: Our brand new music video "engagement" is out now! 🎥Featured today in @Dance_Magazine & @skopemag! The video features…
RT @Dance_Magazine: Set to musical spoken word by Rachael Sage, a former dancer who trained at the School of American Ballet, the film expl…
@KevsWork @ImeldaOfficial Oh my goodness, thank you so much. I have appreciated Imelda's voice & songwriting for so… https://t.co/h4TeMHD3u7
#ThrowbackThursday to Ireland in 2015 with @KellsStringz! Can't wait to be back there for the @ImeldaOfficial tour!… https://t.co/qzoUWl18Ck
RT @JayHonstetter: Top 3 Concerts in the ‘Valley include @LosLobosBand, @rachaelsage and The Weight Band! @GoGuideLV @mcall #lehighvalley…
I'm THRILLED to announce that I will be supporting the brilliant & dynamic @ImeldaOfficial on tour in the UK/Irelan… https://t.co/mifarxqLHG
@ImeldaOfficial I’m so excited to be joining you on tour ❤️❤️
RT @ImeldaOfficial: I'm pleased to announce that the fantastic @rachaelsage will be joining me as the support act on my Made To Love UK and…
RT @mpressrecords: In honor of #WorldPoetryDay yesterday we are going to showcase @PoeticaProject! A recent spoken-word project from @racha…
RT @BCvoa: Glad to have you, Rachael!
Big thank you to @BCvoa for this feature/interview about "Revelation Ground"! I had a great time chatting about the… https://t.co/DLfq1atOi3
My maxi-single "Revelation Ground" is available on all music platforms. It was the first song I wrote during the pa… https://t.co/I9P5jHnVN9
I'm thrilled to be playing at @Godfrey_Daniels again! The show is next week on March 26 & I can't wait to see some… https://t.co/xvZDUSRE9O
Happy #StPatricksDay! Being surrounded by Irish culture during my time living in Ireland had a very big impact on m… https://t.co/i8333WpQFR
RT @mpressrecords: .@rachaelsage is playing at @Godfrey_Daniels in PA next week. Tickets are on sale now! She will be accompanied by Kevin…
Happy #Purim to all who celebrate!!! https://t.co/WYShulXlYh
@howardjones Brilliant❤ Best sounding room ever - with the best trio ever. Congrats! ✨🎊
Big thank you to @CountryQueer1 for including my music video "Revelation Ground" in your March Round-Up!. It's an h… https://t.co/ZYfxMoJZoo
RT @FREE_2_LUV: We're so glad you exist. Keep being unapologetically YOU! 🖤🤎❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 #LGBTQIA+ #Free2Luv https://t.co/dKNo8eAFkV
In honor of #WHM I wrote this statement about @mpressrecords, being a woman in music & a highlight on some of the a… https://t.co/PaAWgK5Kja
@EricStangel Better for having seen you!! 💜
This was my favorite cover song to play on the piano and song during much of my childhood. I think it's time to sta… https://t.co/1eOXTAY4xs
I submitted to the 2022 @nprmusic #TinyDeskContest and wanted to share my submission video with y'all! It features… https://t.co/uX9HXPl4PN
I'm so excited to be playing at @Godfrey_Daniels in Bethlehem, PA on March 26 alongside @MiriamClancy! I'll be acco… https://t.co/LYfr4N0Gq7
I #StandWithUkraine. My heart goes out to all those in Ukraine right now & their loved ones. If you are able to don… https://t.co/UwlCo8RyRB
RT @mpressrecords: If you are able to donate, here are a few places to consider: #StandWithUkraine @novaukraine- https://t.co/OJjhy711g1 @…
RT @mpressrecords: Team MPress stands with Ukraine. We wanted to share a few organizations that we are donating to that are doing amazing t…
#AmplifyWomen @gracepettis, @paulacolemusic, @kyshona, @heathermaemusic, @crysmatthews, @joan_osborne, @Carole_King… https://t.co/916ULWM5Hw
Today on #InternationalWomensDay, the release of the Recording Academy’s #WomenInTheMix study uncovers the realitie… https://t.co/hAPhHa5f78
You can stream/download the single at https://t.co/WecjNqWsK4
Happy #MusicMonday! Have you seen my latest music video "Revelation Ground" created by the AMAZING #AntjeDuvekot! I… https://t.co/cV5ANPn0yd
Can't wait to see y'all at Dogwood tonight in #Beacon, NY. Free to attend! @KellsStringz & I take the stage at 8:30… https://t.co/KmhlCeeGdd
#TBT to opening for the fabulous @howardjones at @CityWineryBOS! ❤️🎤🎶📷Pictures by Jenny Bergman (@thesecretbureau) https://t.co/i5LA9Ss1PR
@CountryQueer1 @joyoladokun @Tim_Gent @seandellacroce @forked_queer @ameliajackie4 @allywestover @samkogon Thank yo… https://t.co/ocHaeL9bF0
Big thank you to everyone who came out to @JoesPub last night! We had a blast serenading y'all! ❤️ The next show is… https://t.co/W6fJRVoKt5
Thanks to all who came out to last night's show at @JoesPub, in support of United Help Ukraine 🙏 🇺🇦💙. Can't wait to… https://t.co/y7pRuXAMUj
Live at @JoesPub! If you weren't able to make it to @JoesPub tonight tune in below to watch it LIVE! Starting at 7p… https://t.co/QqKHWRqxBX
RT @PoeticaProject: TONIGHT! "Revelation Ground" & songs from @PoeticaProject. @JoesPub at 7pm - Grab tickets at https://t.co/09SzrUHyiI
RT @mpressrecords: TONIGHT! Join us at @JoesPub in #NYC for @rachaelsage's "Revelation Ground" show! All proceeds from this show benefit Un…
Tonight at 7pm is my show at @JoesPub! It's not too late to grab tickets at https://t.co/MbbQQHfijR 💙 I'm so excite… https://t.co/jTNfLybh7l
+ FREE Limited Edition Poster With Entry! Grab your tickets now at https://t.co/cDIybE1kZ9
I'm so excited about the show tomorrow at @JoesPub in #NYC! I'll be playing alongside my amazing band The Sequins💙… https://t.co/xcN8TTN4Vu
RT @nbcsnl: “Prayer for Ukraine” performed by Ukrainian Chorus Dumka of New York https://t.co/5pi2l1Olpx
Starts at 8:00 PM ET on the Music My Mother Would Not Like YouTube channel! It's free to watch but donations are en… https://t.co/fBBb90Me2C
My label is hosting a special Livestream concert tonight & I'm thrilled to be playing alongside my talented friends… https://t.co/JMXwbLeVVd
RT @BarackObama: Last night, Russia launched a brazen attack on the people of Ukraine, in violation of international law and basic principl…
I'm so excited to be a part of this special livestream tomorrow night at 8pm ET! ❤️ https://t.co/vLgFuHc7Au
So many amazing photographs were taken during the #HowardJones tour! Big thank you for capturing us opening for the… https://t.co/ReQr8Tho1G
Just posted a photo https://t.co/YYgt6EAcDh
RT @mpressrecords: We are thrilled to be presenting a special virtual concert with Music My Mother Would Not Like series this Friday @ 8pm!…
Who will be joining me for my special "Revelation Ground" show at @JoesPub on Tuesday (March 1)?! I'll be accompani… https://t.co/goutnX9URj
@KimHarveston Thank you so much Kim! What a fun night and you were an amazing crowd ❤
Tonight is the last night of the @HowardJones Tour! @KellsStringz & I have had THE BEST time serenading y'all & mee… https://t.co/vUxk6ydFpG
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I'm in awe of Antje Duvekot's work on the stop-motion animated music video for "Revelation Ground", so be sure to h… https://t.co/DQNPsKAr9A
My brand new maxi-single "Revelation Ground" is out now & I'm thrilled to share it with y'all! 🥰💜 stream/download… https://t.co/CpywQL79b4
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My new song "Revelation Ground" and the accompanying music video are premiering today exclusively on @PopMatters! H… https://t.co/6z1NFSfl8v
RT @PopMatters: PREMIERE: @RachaelSage's "Revelation Ground" is a spiritual #folk tune about reflection and release, accentuated by a stirr…
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Just posted a photo @ Manhattan, New York https://t.co/xSJC6rLOf2
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New Video For Heartfelt Song "No Regrets" Ft. Rachael's Dad!

Alt-folk-pop singer-songwriter Rachael Sage has released a heartfelt new video for "No Regrets". The video premiered in M Music & Musicians (US) and Music-News (UK). Inspired by a poem written by her Dad, who Sage credits for her love of music and joie de vivre, Sage collaborated with her father to write the ultimate homage to simple gratitude. As intimate as it is universal, "No Regrets" gives thanks for the many little things that define a life in all of its beautiful and aching joy. Watch the video for "No Regrets" HERE.


Rachael has released brand new official videos for "Flowers For Free" & "Rebecca"! "Flowers For Free" premiered in Ghettoblaster Magazine & Skope Magazine & and is currently being featured by No Depression! "Rebecca" (Rachael's most recent video release) premiered in Folk N Rock.

Additionally, The Irish Post has unveiled a stunning short film for "I Made A Case (ft. Howard Jones)" directed by London-based Irish filmmaker Lee Malone

...And in case you missed them, you can watch Rachael's videos for "Whistle Blow", "The Other Side", and "Only You" on her YouTube channel!


Rachael Sage's brand new album "The Other Side" is out on all streaming/download platforms now. Listen at mpress.lnk.to/TheOtherSide

CD & Vinyl are available on her online store! 

Flowers For Free Single & The Other Side Out July 21

Rachael Sage has released the final single off her forthcoming album "The Other Side" out everywhere July 21. You can listen to "Flowers For Free" on all music platforms at mpress.lnk.to/FlowersForFree

Pre-order/Pre-save "The Other Side" now! If you pre-order digitally you will automatically get all 6 released singles. mpress.lnk.to/TheOtherSide


Rachael Sage releases new single off her forthcoming album "The Other Side" (out everywhere July 21)! "I Made A Case (feat. Howard Jones)!!! You can listen on all music platforms now! 

You can pre-order "The Other Side" CD & Vinyl on her online store as well as digitally on all music platforms. If you pre-order digitally today you will get all 5 singles immediately includng "I Made A Case (feat. Howard Jones)! Pre-order the album at mpress.lnk.to/TheOtherSide