"Anxiety" – 3/23/20

I just had an incredible nightmare
Chaos akin to Kristallnacht
My parents calling for me as sounds of
Broken glass ensued
Them screaming as looters came
To take whatever it was they'd ascertained
Was there what's to stop overactive minds
From imagining these things
Subconsciously while the sun
Hides and shadows pervade?
At the end of this dream it appeared
I was driving the highway split
And of course I was caught on the side
That was left hanging, dangling

I really thought I was ok today
I managed to laugh with a friend
We exercised 10 feet apart and
Planned our foci for the week to come
But fear as I have learned can be
More powerful than the "invisible enemy"
And sleep now stolen from me
By my own apocalyptic thoughts
The cure-all for what we cannot control
Anxiety was my closest companion
When I was faced with cancer's uncertainty
I will not succumb again so I
Wash my face to shake fear's fecund
Stealth and say to the face in the mirror
I'm free I'm free I'm calm breath is wealth