No-Makeup Selfie

"No-Makeup Selfie" - 3/16/20

Today I didn't get dressed 'til 2.
I never put my makeup on
I did not leave this little room
(Even though I thoroughly intended to)

I can see how with the wrong set of genes
A certain kind of person would linger in melancholy
But for me the act of resisting my own mirror image
Was somewhat therapeutic and a good deal overdue

I always want to find the lesson in every challenge
Or as my mother puts it, "savior in every savage"
When I looked out the window today
I saw a little girl swinging near a treehouse

The sun shone brilliantly I thought if I opened
The window and shouted no doubt she could hear me
Still I stayed cloistered like doubt in the guise of
Leadership arranging for the future in spurts of presence

Now the night is dark and I missed an opportunity
To shout from the window but I will not despair
As my throat is clear my legs are strong my hope
Appears like blush on cheeks plagued too long

With the absence of air sans barrier in fact
It could be argued I have forgotten what
I really look like and just as it occurs to me
That drama/drag is my skin's safety you call

Or did I call you what does it matter the proof
Is in the history we are making and will remember
The proof is in the destiny we are not taking for
Granted wishes are like nature's makeup softening

Our skin forcing us to seek within giving
Generously I look now, in the lamplight at who
I have become knowing that each day I shun
My own persona I have more room to understand

Yours and in this knowing is compassionate recourse
So while we may not touch for days or even months
I will put on my 'face' tomorrow and imagine
That it is the hand of another's reaching out

From across this chasm, I in your makeup artist's
Chair, you mysteriously discovering me there
Looking at me like I've never been seen before
Telling me you want less and less

Of what I used think was more