Bad Neighbor
"Bad Neighbor" - 12/12/19
There's a neighbor on the floor above me
Who likes to throw big, loud, wild (by my standards) soirées
It doesn't matter to him if it's the weekend or not
Every day of the week, apparently, has party-potential
There've been times (like the eve before my Town Hall debut)
When I laid awake, tossing and turning at 2am to sounds of
Incessant foor-on-the-floor, cursing the fact that I lived below
Such a disrespectful, selfish, unneighborly fellow
Past partners have heard me kvetch about this person
And chimed in, assuring me my discontent was warranted
Consoling me when on occasion I even had to check myself
Into an area hotel just to rest assured I would in fact, rest
Tonight, I am grateful that I'm on a vampire's schedule
That tomorrow my morning appointment was cancelled
I will attempt, earplugs in place, to ignore the hubbub above
Without contempt, disruption or aggravation
Knowing that in this exercise there must be some inherent 
Grace. Lol. How'd I do? Believe me? Yeah, I know...
Than you!"