"Mishpuchah" - 10/10/19
there is a lot of 'tsuris' in the world
it is easy to feel hopeless
like we have no impact
like nothing we do matters enough
powdered sugar on a doughnut
pieces of feather boa fluff
Yom Kippur reminds us to strive
beyond what is comfortable
delving deeply into what feels awkward
recognizing that the changes we resist most
are what is needed to qualify as grownups
creaking floors nails on chalkboards love that's tough
sitting on the floor with my "paperwork"
pseudo-organized (to-do and to-procrastinate piles)
I reflect on what matters most, laughing
out loud at my parents' idiosyncrasies
the way they count their calories collectively
reliable abacuses, mock-arguments worn and rough
my cousin and I listen to the temple musicians
half-heartedly reflecting on the clergy's lessons
wholeheartedly immersed in our own affections
the music of tradition juxtaposed against
generations' angular expectations
in our fast's endurance we forge a kindred-spiritedness
in spite of barely knowing each other
other than on these holiest days
hope begins to emerge from ancient knowledge
pitted against youth's ambitious umbrage