bird feeder
"bird feeder" - 10/04/16
I grew up thinking of needles 
As more than the enemy
I had many occasions to think of them
Because someone in my family required them
All too often for sustenance I wasn't afraid
Of the occasional pin prick blood draw
Vaccination seesawing between homeopathic
And germaphobic the upshot is I avoided shots
Altogether but when required I just shut my eyes
Knowing guiltily whatever I was feeling was painless
Comparatively and that's what I feel right now 
Looking at you weathered beyond your years
Impervious to advice diaphanously tears belie
The sensitivity you strive so hard to mask
I ask you for nothing I offer only friendship
And although we have connected more deeply
Than you will ever admit and I would never resubmit 
To a heart so changeable the love I offer now
Is unconditional it requires no answer an open door schul
The only membership I encourage you to entertain would be 
The possibility your irritation's indicative of self-loathing 
The only courtship I'd ever indulge in when it comes
To you my erstwhile sun is the one that flaunts
By example a passion for ancient symbols you said
You wanted to go to India well I am going and if at any point
You decide to become someone of your word I will always
Have ears to listen currents to lift you hummingbird