"Passenger" - 8/06/16

From the atmosphere it may seem
That I'm all head and soul
While you're all hands and heart

The way you bend the world to
Your touch is the way I
Strategize too much for my
Own good from the atmosphere

It may seem that I'm all
Concrete crystalline while you're
All shimmering lakes shameless bare-feet

A subtle smile on your familiar face
Giving away only so much
While I open my book as easily
As dragonfly wings crush

So many secrets wiped clean
With an insider's silence
Quiet insight tempting
Flash's flamenco dances

I've never been the kind
To wait around knowingly I
Sift for sounds that
Resonate enough to halt me

In my tracks a train
Too fast to see by day
The misty out of focus way
I feel your heartbeat fast

Is what will whisper racing past

A subtle smile on your familiar face
Giving only so much away
While I open my eyes as eagerly
As the break of day