"Crush" - 7/26/16

When you have a crush on someone the idea of magic
Suddenly becomes viable and the idea of vulnerability
Suddenly becomes undeniable

When you have a crush the world shifts from pastel to neon
Shamelessly the sun burns your skin and the idea of wearing
Sun screen literally or metaphorically becomes reckless

Self-protection becomes the enemy and openness
Beckons beauty and people you were annoyed by are
Charming and the unreliable become simply eccentric

When you have a crush the chances of feeling foolish
Are enormous and yet the danger of feeling nothing
In the grand scheme becomes anathema

I'd always rather have a crush than be resigned to logic
Reality is ephemeral anyway who's to say how much
We make up of what defines our day to day

When you have the opportunity to go outside and play
Why would you choose to skip recess just because
You might get grass-stains on your pretty dress?