"Mercy" - 3/25/2007

even if I were not your lover
I would love you
because you work well
with others (something I struggle with,
to say the least)

I'd love you because
you have not been afraid
to follow your bliss
curséd though it
may still seem to you at times

because you
ache in a way more subtle
than I'm apt to melt down
suddenly overcome with
new landslides

I'd love you because
you're not afraid
of change,
not easily

because you could
kill me in the most gentle
way possible, just by looking
straight at me, and sight
shows some mercy

I'd love you because you were
just what I needed
reeling me back to earth
I'd never had brunch before

with a paramour of course dinner
breakfast in bed lunches and
so forth but you felt like someone
I'd take home for the Holidays
before you even took me for
a fool and for that I will always

thank you