Blessings Over Cheap Wine

"Blessings Over Cheap Wine" - 11/2/03

I gave myself seven minutes to decide
to drink you in or let you fall like autumn
leaves me more quickly than lovers breathe
sometimes the years are seconds sometimes
the hours rip like wind

eyes of china if
saucers were turquoise I swear
I would never leave without butterfly
kissing since circling in figures there's
no way I could have perfected alone

perfectionist cursed, affection blissed
the stories that live in my skin are wick-less
but burning still like lava beneath
what clouds cannot stain red with
broken heart-staring

shall I confess?
I was one minute shy of saying
je t'adores in languages too swift
to type or tapdance but hopeful are We
you will whisper the rest to yourself

(might I sing again for you, so blessed)