December 2003

"Suspension" - 12/10/03

how I suddenly re-member
this drowning, dismal bleeding
of heart into brain
and back again through
the hoop of soul's quiet circus

a medieval dragon might breath less offense
than this distance abuses such slight circumstance:
your illness (my pause)
wherein I'm helpless
to welcome fever's final

what is true presence, possessing life's fuel?
determines black magic from what's merely cruel?
will there be future chances
to make up for forests
that burned up bravely

oh, how sweet misery loves to be glib -
proudly wearing light years for her icy crown -
as somehow we're magically able to spy
from decades away 'pon her beauty so rare
but do not give in, my love, yet to her dare;
for soon I'll be there fire-


Blue Rose

"Blue Rose" - 12/2/03

Blue Rose

being at home
has never been easy
for someone as restless,
reckless as Rose

she paces her red room
as though tracing silence
might unhinge whole passages:
secrets deposed

how can it be, she laughs,
ten years and counting
...can it have been
nearly ten trees grown by?

since City's yellow fire
ignited effigies
into ambition's
orange burning desire


remembering what it
was like to long to be
discovered and choreographed
as stained glass
Urban of Eden's
menagerie-girl (passing
batons to whomever'd
watch as she'd twirl)


being alone
has always been easy
for bouquets so afraid
of losing blind purpose
like gossamer slow-falling
feathers of industry
cruelly the petals
dried from more to less
rueful do roses

draw blood (for to bless)